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Geoff Seeff Offers The People The Final Say

May 20, 2017 11:33 AM
By William Tennison

Geoff at debateAt the hustings event on the 18th of May, Geoff gave a powerful speech promising to fight to reverse the brexit process.

A transcript of the opening speech can be found below:

"For me, and all Liberal Democrats, there is only one issue in this election - Brexit. It is the sole reason that it has been prematurely called and it is the single event that will shape the policies, actions and spending of the next government of whatever complexion.

Put simply, I think if it is implemented - soft or hard, assuming a deal can be done, or a jump off the cliff if one cannot be, something that looks increasingly likely for reasons that I am sure will be discussed during our debate tonight - it will represent the biggest and most reckless mistake a so -called democratic government will have made in peacetime. Brexit means Brexit - what meaningless twaddle from a hypocritical opportunistic incompetent spineless bunch of politicians - and I am talking about both Tories and Labour. Brexit means uncertainty, disinvestment, divisiveness, devaluation, unemployment, wasted resources, lost opportunities and a threat to the peace and prosperity of future generations.
Oh and by the way that is not only my view - it was the view of our now Prime Minister, Mrs May, in a beautifully worded speech presented on 25th April 2016 and available for you to read on the Conservative Home website. People will have you believe that she was a reluctant remainer - not so, this speech explores all the arguments cogently and comes down firmly on the side of the EU.
So what changed? I understand that voters were consulted in a referendum and that they "spoke" but in my book, and those of my party, it is not democracy for a flimsy majority to ride rough shod over a substantial minority - most especially when so few on either side would have the facts and expertise necessary to make an informed rather than an emotional decision. Compromise would have been a better approach but we are too late for that.
So I will fight tooth and nail to reverse the process - in particular to campaign vigorously to ensure that whatever final deal is negotiated - or not as the case may be - is put back to the members of Parliament - we have a representative legislature, and if it is to be put back to the people at least they will know what they are voting for this time.
If you are one the 30% of remainers in Harlow; if you were a leaver but regretted it the morning after the referendum - there are many such people who simply wanted to register a protest or if you have any doubts about where this is all going and whether a deal can be struck, only I and the Liberal Democrats can represent you."